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Hangman Pro is a modern take on the classic hangman word-guessing game
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12 December 2011

Editor's review

Word guessing games have always been a source of entertainment for us since time we have learnt how to read and write. If you are tired mugging up for your exams at a stretch or ogling at the computer screen for hours in the office, Hangman Pro for Windows comes at your rescue. This amazing game, for sure, gives you a break from your hectic schedule and adds zing and fun to your monotonous routine. And it is also not a sheer time waste unlike other games. Here you can learn many new things which you were totally unaware of and can increase your GK and vocabulary quotient as well. It contains bright, vivid graphics which makes your experience of playing the game really exciting. You can easily download this 1 MB sized game and install it effortlessly in your PC.

Hangman Pro for Windows provides a fantastic game play with different difficulty levels, languages and backgrounds to choose from. You have to guess the correct word asked according to the hint which will be given to you in the game. You will have a few chances to correctly guess the answer or you lose the game. There are numerous categories like sports, authors, books, TV shows, movies, science, country, etc., from where you will be asked the puzzle. You can set your preferred category anytime according to your whims and fancies and play as much as you like without getting bored. You can also frame your own categories and store as many riddles and answers you like. The game displays a score board at the top of its window which shows how many times you have won, lost and the number of games played. This game promises to make you equally knowledgeable as at the end of the day you will come out knowing new words and more general knowledge.

After going through so much exciting aspects of this game, you would definitely not give a second thought on buying this game that is priced very humbly. We can award this game easily with a 4 upon 5 as it has so much to offer.

Publisher's description

Hangman Pro is a modern take on the classic hangman word guessing game we all played when we were kids. It features colorful, non-violent graphics, digitized sounds, dozens of built-in word categories, thousands of words, unlimited lists of your own words, hints and much more. Hangman Pro is secretly-educational. It's played for fun, but you can't help learning. Included in Hangman Pro is a new Knowledge Area. This area will include information associated with the guessed word or phrase. If the word chosen is from the States or Countries category, for example, the Knowledge Area will show the capital of the State or Country. If the category is Authors or Composers, the knowledge area will show facts about, or famous works of, the author or composer. You can also make your own lists (unlimited in number) and include your own associated information. There are dozens of categories, guaranteed to include something for everyone. From Monsters and Dinosaurs to Star Trek and Television Shows, from Animals and Birds to Colors and Cities, from Fruits and Vegetables to Presidents and Vice-Presidents, from Rock and Roll to Opera and Musical Instruments. And literally dozens more! Hang3001 includes Multi-Level Winning Streak Score Boards, allowing students and family members alike to keep track of winning streaks. And, best of all, separate score boards are kept for each difficulty level, so users can compete against users choosing the same difficulty level. Hangman Pro also offers full support for what's often known as accented characters. Hangman Pro supports the entry and display of words in many languages, including Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, Flemish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish and Swedish. Hangman Pro makes learning vocabulary more fun than ever before.
Hangman Pro
Hangman Pro
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